Ardes Information Technology

Ardes Information Technology

Partner Description

    ARDES Information Technologies Ltd. started its activity in the distant 1996, and in 1999 launched its online store The company is mainly engaged in the sale of new and second-hand laptops, gaming computers and business computers, hardware, tablets, smartphones, network and server equipment, software and related services.

    The company constantly monitors dynamically changing trends and at the same time updates its product catalogue to meet even the most demanding consumer needs. Along with the physical products, the company also provides complex services related to:

    • installation and configuration of the offered licensed software;
    • moving the information stored in the old computer;
    • setting up and configuring wireless networks;
    • cleaning of virus-infected computers;
    • periodic maintenance of laptops;
    • basic guidelines for proper use of laptops, etc.

    The combination of the above advantages, together with the offered physical computer and mobile electronic gadgets, form an ecosystem, ensuring the durability and full functionality of the products.

    Plovdivsko Pole str. 11a,
    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Slivnitca boulevard 120,
    Varna, Bulgaria

    Marmarliiska str. 35,
    Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

    Sv.Sv. Kiri li Metodii str. 23,
    Pernik, Bulgaria